Discovery sets
Dubai meydan sample
The spirit of Dubai sample perfumes
Discovery sets
Dubai meydan sample
The spirit of Dubai sample perfumes
First Generation Fragrances
The desert winds touch you lightly on the skin, carrying a fragrance that captivates you. Mesmerizing eyes appear; eyes that glimmer like the oasis on a moonlit night. Enchanted by her beauty, you wonder if she′s just a mirage.

“Who are you,” you ask her. She smiles and says, “I am The Spirit of Dubai.” And she disappears, leaving behind seven satin scrolls. As you read the scrolls you learn about Bahar, Rimal, Abraj, Meydan, Oud, Fakhama and Majalis. Fascinated, you piece them together and discover the untold story of The Spirit of Dubai.

The Spirit of Dubai’s First Generation, is a collection of seven exquisite fragrances. Presented in 3ml vials wrapped with satin scrolls, the fragrances are housed in a monogrammed golden box wrapped on the outside with the finest black velvet. Experience all seven before you choose the fragrance that defines you.

$ 125.00 USD
Finland:  Nov. 2017

This has got to be one of the most exquisite and exciting sample sets I've had the privilege to own! A real treasure trove of highly complex and mesmerising creations that keep unfolding and surprising with each wear - and a little goes an extremely long way with these ultra-rich scents, I might add; with the set guaranteeing fragrant fun and discovery for months to come! Perfect for travel, too, with each sample encased in a beautiful scroll-shaped container of its own (a great example of the overall attention to detail here). My personal First Generation favourites so far would have to be the majestic, spiced rose-coffee symphony of Majalis, the deeply fascinating and alluring Dubai Oud, and Meydan; the unique, oriental take on a classical fougere-leather. As an excellent gateway to The Spirit of Dubai's opulent world of scents this set comes highly recommended!

Netherlands:  Nov. 2017

This is a very exclusive way to get to know the first generation of the Spirit of Dubai. The scents are all little masterpieces of blending the most wonderfull ingrediënts, even if you are not fond of them all. Taste is something personal, but no one can doubt the craftmenship of these first class perfumes. The presentation is just the perfect way to explore the fine scents. It really adds up to the high standards that are apllied to this brand. I am certain you will enjoy this perfect discovery set. I do have my favourites, but i think you'll have to find out yourself ;-)

Greece:  Nov. 2017

7 vials , 3ml each containing liquid gold. An amazing opportunity to discover the real Arabian perfumery with the most exquisite materials ! No doubt, this is the most luxurious sample kit you will ever experience !

Belgium:  Nov. 2017

The most exquisite and delightful sample set ! I was so pleasantly surprised how rich these creations are, my favorite is Meydan, Rimal and Fakhama

United Kingdom:  Nov. 2017

I was completely amazed by this discovery set. It sets a very hard act for other houses to follow. It's the kind of set you might want to carry with you even if you had chosen another scent for your day. Each time I open my case of delights the initial fragrance of the samples is gorgeous, it is the Spirit of Dubai. I have fallen hard for the scents and I know which one I want first. If you're new to this house, prepare to be surprised and reeled in to needing more than one, or two, or more.











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